Romancing The Stone

The old adage still reigns true for a reason. Classy, simple and dripping with elegance, diamonds are favoured by women the world over for their sensual appearance and oh so cool charm. Furthermore, with symbolic associations of pure and eternal love, a little ice is a statement-making stone for your wedding ring.

Though some negative press regarding conflict diamonds has shaken their reputation, you can ensure that you acquire high quality stones that have been sourced responsibly. The diamonds in Bien Jewellery’s selection (featured) are free from worldwide conflict.
By considering cut, colour, clarity and carat, you can guarantee a diamond that is as distinctly different as it is universally renowned. Look for a stone that is clear in colour and distributes light evenly from the top to create that characteristically brilliant sparkle. And don't be fooled by all that talk about carats. Though they represent the weight – and therefore size – of the stone, it is the cut, clarity and colour that differentiates the value and rarity of two equally sized stones.

Diamonds can be incorporated into wedding bands in a multitude of different styles, sizes and dimensions, resulting in a stunning design that is uniquely yours. And that is why (apart from your man, of course) they are definite best friend material of the highest calibre.