Hiding Away in Amsterdam

It’s not so much bright lights, big city in Amsterdam – but, of course, red lights. Though many visitors are still intent on ticking the tourist track highlights and ubiquitous sex industry scenes, I’ve visited on several occasions and have to say that – for me – Amsterdam stan ... Read More

Anne Frank's Lasting Literary Impact

Anne Frank HousePhoto by Bungle, CC License If I just think of how we live here, I usually come to the conclusion that it is a paradise compared with how other Jews who ar ... Read More

Nature's Masterpiece

Apparently, the Blue Mountains are a popular spot to die. That’s obviously not what I went there to do, but the point is very telling of the place. Being told this as you stand in the absolute dark with nothing but a glow stick to cling to for luminescent salvation is not ... Read More

10 Bizarre Festivals

If you timed it right, you could probably attend a festival every day in Australia. From unfathomably esoteric events to internationally regarded sell-outs – there’s something for everyone. Check out our roster of some of the best offbeat events to steer you towards some of the ... Read More

Coastal Explorer

The problem with Australia is that there’s so much of it. People actually get lost there. They arrive keen, clean-shaven tourists and, one wrong turn and months later, emerge sunburnt, hirsute, bone fide bushmen. I’m glad to say that this never happened to me – but it does happ ... Read More

Making Tracks

I thought I was born to loaf. To do other things, yes, but primarily to snare every kickback opportunity available. Growing up on the beach reinforced this attitude, but also spawned its unfortunate antithesis: adrenaline desire.I would like to claim for Australia the Loafabili ... Read More

The Oral Literary Tradition of Ghana

By going and coming, a bird weaves its nest Ghanaian Proverb Certain words will always linger. When I left Africa, I was speechless. Several tears spoke for me. I had only spent just shy of a month on the continent, but it was an extraordinarily defining experience that b ... Read More

Eastern Promise

Asia. The word alone emerges from the mouth like a purr. It conjures an assortment of images, from exotic realms to the manic bustle of the city streets and stunning array of unspoilt sands. Encompassing a vast area that houses a huge mix of geographical and cultural lands, the ... Read More

Sanctuary In The Sun

Beyond Cornwall, some of you may believe that exotica can only be found amidst the Indian Ocean or Caribbean. Think again. If you don’t want to travel for days to get to your honeymoon hotspot, then short haul your married selves to the balmy volcanic archipelago that is t ... Read More

Love In a Hot Climate

Salsa. Mojitos. Cigars… Cuba is an intoxicating place. It is a country full of captivating contradictions – retro and cosmopolitan, quaint and vibrant, tranquil and raucous. For honeymooners, it provides the perfect mix: exquisite sands, lush interiors and bustling cities. Whet ... Read More

The Long And Short of It

Long gone are the days of kidnapping and hiding that some say comprise the chequered history of the honeymoon. According to certain Northern European folklore, the word derives from the easily enunciated Norse, ‘hjunottsmanathr’, which describes the practice of men stealing wom ... Read More

Island Fever

Lying at 13°W and 29°N, Lanzarote is perfectly placed for constant stores of sun, not to mention azure Atlantic Ocean. Located 70 miles west of Morocco, the African continent delivers warm Saharan blasts while its original Spanish influences remain enticingly strong.At around f ... Read More

Welcome To Paradise

Expressing beauty is rarely easy. Shakespeare himself sometimes struggled to lend literary form to his love…and so with Mauritius – whose beauty so beguiled me, I shall try to convey because really, it’s the least I can do.Being presented with a daily dose of chalky white sands ... Read More

Trips With A Twist

Forget the old adage about oysters: the world is a giant playground. In your post-nuptial state of exhausted elation, you’ll no doubt want to kick back to the max. But with such a vast array of alternatives, an injection of adrenaline or soul searching may well give your honeym ... Read More

Desert Dreams

An Arabic proverb states that, ‘The mind is for seeing, the heart is for hearing.’ There may not be a better place to experience this simple wisdom than Egypt, where the mind will be blown away by an ancient beauty, while the heart will hear something truly spellbinding as it med ... Read More

Magical Madeira

From the air, Madeira is an otherworldly sight. As I flew toward the island and passed over its miniscule neighbour of Porto Santo, it really did feel like I was approaching a distant, mythical land. Basking alone in the Atlantic Ocean, it is geographically apart from ... Read More

Three Art Filled Days in Madrid

According to Paulo Coelho, “a city is like a capricious woman: she takes time to be seduced and to reveal herself completely,” which is an apt springboard of thought for Spain’s capital city – and magnificent matriarch - Madrid.As far as European cities go – Madrid arguably has ... Read More

Top Day-Trips from Nice

Though the French Riviera is famed for its captivating coast – sweeping cliff lines spilling down to soft-lulling coves – don’t just stay in one spot, but instead sample a more diverse mix of destinations via selected daytrips from Nice along the Côte D’Azur.You don’t need to b ... Read More

Roma, the City of Love

Rome. Synonymous with romance, it’s all in the name. As one local explained to me – if you reverse the word ‘Roma’ (the Italian word for Rome) you get ‘Amor’ – meaning love. Which is something that resonates throughout the entire city. Especially evident at nighttime, the roman ... Read More

Stories From the Celtic Lands of Cornwall, England

Let’s make it official: the end of the line does not automatically spell a strange or fated no-go. Head as far southwest in England as possible and you will not fall off the edge of the earth but will instead stumble across my home and the extraordinary Celtic lands of Cornwall ... Read More