Eastern Promise

Take inspiration from the land of the rising sun and heap some meditative calm into your domestic domain. A touch of exotic otherworldliness, combined with elements of Orientalism, makes for a rich and eclectic abode, both materially and spiritually. Think b ... Read More

In The Mix

Borrow from a multitude of influences, places and people to give your home a totally idiosyncratic look. Eclecticism is the keynote and though certain philosophies and movements abound, what you piece together is an entirely characteristic affair.Whether it revolves around past ... Read More

Pretty In Print

Forget minimalism. The mood of economic gloom has given rise to a more colourful – and altogether more cheery – interiors movement embracing print and pattern. After all, we’re spending more time at home and elaborate prints exude a more welcoming and uplifting vibe than a mute ... Read More

Style Tips for Grooms

CUFF LOVE  Channel coolly individual style – and spruce up your outfit to boot – with Koa Jewellery’s contemporary range of Cornish accessories. Lawrence Gibson crafts the original Celtic and coastal-inspired designs with pewter and resin from his studio on the Lizard Peni ... Read More

Retro Styling

Modernise your domestic sphere by borrowing from one of the hottest interiors movements of the moment: colour. Whether you envision a riot of shades or a few features to punch through the white walls, there is a number of ways to achieve the look, from soft furnishings to ... Read More


You may have a specific picture of what type of dress you want to marry in, but have you considered the character? The feel? The look? The history? Rather then racing to a house of haute couture and allowing the rails to decide, scour the styles of decades past and the people w ... Read More

White Hot

It’s not a seismic shift, but wedding dress trends are making definite waves within the fashion industry. Weddings are having a fashion moment and mainstream style is awash with gorgeous gowns as all aspire to resemble a bona-fide bride-to-be beauty.  Spring collections fo ... Read More


The who’s who of bridal fashion was in force at the recent Designer Wedding Show, as was a very prominent sense of individuality. A cross breeding of times, trends and personalities has given birth to a new type of post-modern movement whereby bridal fashion is swinging ro ... Read More

Working The Groom

LE GEEK, C’EST CHIC    With geek chic hitting renewed Clark Kent levels of cultural reference, swot styling is all the rage that can be pimped up with some on-trend flourishes such as polka dots, floral feminisations and sharp tailoring. Mix up your style with co ... Read More