Be Kind Unwind

My skin was dewy and deliciously scented, my muscles were molten melted and my senses were somewhere else. If this sounds like your notion of a tantalising pre-wed state of being, then I suggest you read on.We toil reassuringly hard here at WED. Delivering you the hottest news ... Read More

The Female of The Species

You can hear it now. That defeatist sigh of exasperation as he mutters the word that all men resort to when they fail to fathom you: ďWomenĒ... A complex breed, we females are emotive beings Ė and the pre-wedding period can prove a particularly testing time.The entire process i ... Read More

Do We Need A Full-time Lifeguard Service?

Lanzarote was a fine vantage point for the curious coastal antics of the holidaymaker. One day at La Santa, double overhead rollers were breaking on to the rocks with a bevy of snap happy tourists playing skipping stones uncomfortably nearby, seemingly oblivious to the lingerin ... Read More

Red And Yellow Is The New Black - But Is This A Good Thing?

If I walked into a hospital wearing a pair of scrubs or white coat, there could be trouble. Simple truth is: Iím not a doctor. So why this current craze (dare I say, trend?) of people wearing Lifeguard T-shirts and hoodies? Donning the red and yellow attire that is our dis ... Read More

Respect Lifeguards

First off, letís get one thing straight. Itís not Baywatch. For those shocked by this revelation, Iím not sure that Iím sorry. It is, though, a classic and alarmingly common misconception. Iíll admit that I have been known to find a compliment or two in the Baywatch comparison, ... Read More

View From The Lifeguard Tower

This season started with a bang. Just a month into this yearís beach stint and our induction training has been put to the test with two critical recues, with guards from Gwithian and Sennen Cove demonstrating their stellar worth to the masses.At Gwithian, swell with a high spri ... Read More

Rock That Frock

Destroying something beautiful can be heart wrenching and liberating. Whether you smash a favourite vase, shrink a coveted piece of clothing or write-off a beloved car, the accidental damage can weigh on more than just your purse strings. But what if you did it intentionally? W ... Read More

Tremenheere Sculpture Gardens

I had a (fully-clothed) thought: naturists would love this place...Allow me to elaborate. The Tremenheere Sculpture Gardens are an otherworldly, primal experience. A hidden piece of paradise near Penzance, they are a sort of beautiful botanical Narnia that are easy to find if y ... Read More

Pretty Woman

You may well have successfully snagged your spouse-to-be with your best dance floor shakings, be it a humble two-step or snake hipped shenanigans. But whether you fall into the Ricky Martin or Ricky Gervais style of body popping, your loved one will always be mindful of the way ... Read More

Here Comes The Groom

Matrimonial man. Over the ages he has evolved into a creature of insight, creative flair and integral input with all things wedding related. The role of the male in the planning process has changed radically as traditional gender types and duties have crossed over in all aspect ... Read More

Under Pressure

Youíve probably heard the story before. A couple meet, get engaged andÖcall the wedding off. Though the Runaway Bride may be classed as glossy fiction, a recent survey has revealed that 10 to 15% of weddings are cancelled annually. A hard fact it may be, but itís revealing of h ... Read More

Stress Less

I recently made the mistake of exclaiming to a friend (due to marry as we go to print): ďNot long now, is it?Ē Her face tightened. Her lips pursed a little. Her eyes sharpened and shot a rather unimpressed glance my way.Usually a paragon of laid-back calm, she explained that I ... Read More