Anne Frank's Lasting Literary Impact

If I just think of how we live here, I usually come to the conclusion that it is a paradise compared with how other Jews who are not in hiding must be living. ~ Saturday, 1 May, 1943Anne Frank. You cannot deny the phenomenon. Whether you regard her legacy as one of ra ... Read More

Jubilee Pool Stories

Joined the three-year project mid-way through its production, contributing an essay and co-editing the book Jubilee Pool Stories: Reflections on Penzance's Seawater Lido. I also assisted with image archiving and was interviewed for a thematic film based on my family's swimming ... Read More

The Oral Literary Tradition of Ghana

By going and coming, a bird weaves its nest Ghanaian Proverb Certain words will always linger. When I left Africa, I was speechless. Several tears spoke for me. I had only spent just shy of a month on the continent, but it was an extraordinarily defining experience that b ... Read More

Stories From the Celtic Lands of Cornwall

Letís make it official: the end of the line does not automatically spell a strange or fated no-go. Head as far southwest in England as possible and you will not fall off the edge of the earth but will instead stumble across my home and the extraordinary Celtic lands of Cornwa ... Read More