Hiding Away in Amsterdam

It’s not so much bright lights, big city in Amsterdam – but, of course, red lights. Though many visitors are still intent on ticking the tourist track highlights and ubiquitous sex industry scenes, I’ve visited on several occasions and have to say that – for me – Amsterdam stan ... Read More

Picture Perfect

Choose a truly everlasting gift for your loved one in the form of a unique piece of artwork  Picasso once declared that ‘art washes away from the soul the dust of daily life’. Like love, art is transformative. It speaks to our inner passions in a language that is intimate, ... Read More

Nature's Masterpiece

Apparently, the Blue Mountains are a popular spot to die. That’s obviously not what I went there to do, but the point is very telling of the place. Being told this as you stand in the absolute dark with nothing but a glow stick to cling to for luminescent salvation is not ... Read More

10 Bizarre Festivals

If you timed it right, you could probably attend a festival every day in Australia. From unfathomably esoteric events to internationally regarded sell-outs – there’s something for everyone. Check out our roster of some of the best offbeat events to steer you towards some of the ... Read More

Coastal Explorer

The problem with Australia is that there’s so much of it. People actually get lost there. They arrive keen, clean-shaven tourists and, one wrong turn and months later, emerge sunburnt, hirsute, bone fide bushmen. I’m glad to say that this never happened to me – but it does happ ... Read More

Making Tracks

I thought I was born to loaf. To do other things, yes, but primarily to snare every kickback opportunity available. Growing up on the beach reinforced this attitude, but also spawned its unfortunate antithesis: adrenaline desire.I would like to claim for Australia the Loafabili ... Read More

Cate Blanchett Profile

From Elizabeth I to Maid Marian, the gifted and endlessly versatile Cate Blanchett is poised to shine once again in Ridley Scott’s Robin Hood. Hannah May charts the rise of a film legend-in-the-making.The original ‘Tim Tam’ girl, this luscious lovely is far more than a chocolat ... Read More

Cornish Beauty

As the post-hibernation period approaches and spring steps ever closer, it’s time to celebrate something that’s been wrapped up all winter: your skin.Though we may have lofty hopes for summer, it’s always good to be primed for every skin-exposing occasion – and that means boost ... Read More

Film Round Up

Film shorts a round up of the movies due to hit the big screen.  BRICK LANE  Release date 16th November  Director Sarah Gavron  Starring Tannishta Chatterjee, Christopher Simpson, Harvey Virdi, Satish Kaushik   Monica Ali’s novel, Brick Lane, joine ... Read More

Halle Berry Interview

Things We Lost In The Fire is a harrowing but strangely uplifting ride. Hannah May meets its star, Halle Berry.When I say I was touched by this film, I’m being genuine. Leaving the cinema, there is invariably that radiating feeling of happy ending hopefulness and time-out escap ... Read More

Love In a Hot Climate

Salsa. Mojitos. Cigars… Cuba is an intoxicating place. It is a country full of captivating contradictions – retro and cosmopolitan, quaint and vibrant, tranquil and raucous. For honeymooners, it provides the perfect mix: exquisite sands, lush interiors and bustling cities. Whet ... Read More

Welcome To Paradise

Expressing beauty is rarely easy. Shakespeare himself sometimes struggled to lend literary form to his love…and so with Mauritius – whose beauty so beguiled me, I shall try to convey because really, it’s the least I can do.Being presented with a daily dose of chalky white sands ... Read More

Roma, the City of Love

Rome. Synonymous with romance, it’s all in the name. As one local explained to me – if you reverse the word ‘Roma’ (the Italian word for Rome) you get ‘Amor’ – meaning love. Which is something that resonates throughout the entire city. Especially evident at nighttime, the roman ... Read More

Be Kind Unwind

My skin was dewy and deliciously scented, my muscles were molten melted and my senses were somewhere else. If this sounds like your notion of a tantalising pre-wed state of being, then I suggest you read on.We toil reassuringly hard here at WED. Delivering you the hottest news ... Read More

Style Tips for Grooms

CUFF LOVE  Channel coolly individual style – and spruce up your outfit to boot – with Koa Jewellery’s contemporary range of Cornish accessories. Lawrence Gibson crafts the original Celtic and coastal-inspired designs with pewter and resin from his studio on the Lizard Peni ... Read More

The Blue Hayes Private Hotel

For five star fantasy made real, The Blue Hayes Private Hotel is befitting best. Jutting out on the high ground above Porthminster Point, the idyllic setting of this tranquil hotel provides visitors with sweeping panoramas across the vast bay, from St Ives Harbour to Godrevy Li ... Read More

The Sail Lofts St Ives

Risk taking in business is par for the course. But with hindsight, establishing a new venture during the recession period - especially in luxury holiday accommodation - may not have proven the most expedient move. Yet the Sail Lofts in Porthmeor Road appear to have defied the c ... Read More

Gold Rush

Our love affair with gold is as enduring as the metal itself. Prepare to be spellbound by these captivating creations by Cornwall’s brilliantly creative jewellers It’s steeped in history and is the stuff of songs, stories and legend. Armies have waged wars to win it. Our bodies e ... Read More