Love Art

Fed up with fine china sets and kitchen appliances? If you’re struggling with the gift list issue, then step outside the box. These days, many couples co-habit before marriage and, by the time they reach the altar, they’re already well stocked with all the domestic goods they n ... Read More

Cate Blanchett Profile

From Elizabeth I to Maid Marian, the gifted and endlessly versatile Cate Blanchett is poised to shine once again in Ridley Scott’s Robin Hood. Hannah May charts the rise of a film legend-in-the-making.The original ‘Tim Tam’ girl, this luscious lovely is far more than a chocolat ... Read More

Cornwall Food & Drink Guide

Sandsifter   Step from the sand dunes and into the cool and contemporary space that is Sandsifter. This laid-back bistro bar is an ideal venue to take a break; here, welcoming staff will satisfy your appetite for relaxed respite and home-produced food.Serving an appet ... Read More

Falmouth Town Guide

Falmouth is bursting with beautiful beaches, top-notch attractions, historical sites and maritime heritage all framed by stunning natural scenery and shimmering blue sea.  On the water  Home to the world’s third largest natural deep-water harbour, Falmouth’s maritime ... Read More

Film Round Up

Film shorts a round up of the movies due to hit the big screen.  BRICK LANE  Release date 16th November  Director Sarah Gavron  Starring Tannishta Chatterjee, Christopher Simpson, Harvey Virdi, Satish Kaushik   Monica Ali’s novel, Brick Lane, joine ... Read More

Halle Berry Interview

Things We Lost In The Fire is a harrowing but strangely uplifting ride. Hannah May meets its star, Halle Berry.When I say I was touched by this film, I’m being genuine. Leaving the cinema, there is invariably that radiating feeling of happy ending hopefulness and time-out escap ... Read More

Punk Phenomenon

Punk and pink tutus may seem an unlikely mix, but for this Penzance-based posse, it’s one of their most distinguishing features. At just over a year old, Bugga are making a real name for themselves. Their style is self-deprecating and blunt, and they’ve got a unique talent for ... Read More

Groove Is In The Heart

A love poet once wrote that, ‘Music is the best means we have of digesting time.’ Auden wisely realised that memory is largely recalled by music. Consequently, the melody to a moment or event can spark such a barrage of emotions and actions that coordinating it correctly c ... Read More

A Wild Swimming Summer

Paraphrasing Cornish literary legend William Golding, and there's an ocean in all of us. He likens it to an image of our unconscious, but for me - it's something I feel when I'm physically immersed in water and specifically while swimming in the sea.As an avid alfresco swimmer, ... Read More

My Digital Romance

From Blu-ray to Youtube, cutting edge technology is revolutionising the way we record and coordinate weddings. Wed gets techno savvy for a very modern matrimonial. Technophobes, fear not. The very terms ‘high definition’ and ‘content management systems’ might be enough to ... Read More

There Will Be Blood Preview

It is interesting that, wherever the history, oil is somehow an acronym for war. We all know its role in our current zeitgeist, but track back a hundred years and it was an issue of conflict and contention then, albeit on a different scale and circumstance. What There Will Be B ... Read More